Playful, colourful and big – Jewellery Trends 2021

In times of video conferencing and wearing face masks, dressing up from the waist up is the way to go. A perk for jewellery lovers - it is made fun and easy with jewellery.

Here are our top 5 that will make your outfit stylish this year:

Statement pieces, 

Large earrings - “scrunched up” and textured styles and shapes, shoulder-length drop earrings,

The single earring,

Animal motifs in earrings and pendants,


Colour around the neck will make you look more alive than you feel after a day of video calls and phone calls. Coloured gemstones (yay!), colourful beaded pieces, animal and geometric shapes let you have fun with your accessories and brighten your day.

How to wear it: Mix up stones and metals, as it opens up the tones of colour to pair with your wardrobe. Wear shoulder-length colourful earrings with bare cleavage or a turtle neck top. 

Statement jewellery is being taken to a new level. Last year, chunky chains and super-sized hoops were dominant. This year you’ll see oversized chains and shoulder-length earrings as well as metal jewellery reminding us of hardware. Chokers. Chunky chains in bracelet form. Long necklaces with bold pendants, think handbag, hardware (locks) and animals. 

How to wear it: Get a choker that sits right on the collarbone; it goes with almost every outfit and can be the one piece finishing your look. Chunky chains easily dress up a sweater and jeans for an office outfit. Layer it; contrast oversized link chains with something more delicate like a single gemstone necklace. With bare cleavage opt for glittery silver links or a bold pendant to dress up your outfit.

Jewellery Trends 2021 Beyonce statement earrings Avant Jewellery

Statement earrings you don’t need to pair with other jewellery. They drop long to graze the shoulders. They are big. They pop and frame the face.

Large hoop earrings are still hot on trend. Add to your collection a different textured pair in gold or silver to easily match your wardrobe pieces. Wear it with a crushed style bracelet. Because bracelets and bangles, preferably stacked, are also hot on trend! 

As for wearing a single earring, choose one that makes JewelleryTrends 2021 hbz single earring Avant Jewellerya statement on its own. Choose from long drop earrings with a pearl, orbs, animal shapes or intricate motifs. 

Pearls are still very popular. They’ll add a classic and feminine touch to your outfit. Timeless as they are, designs reflect a more modern style wether it is strands or earrings.

How to wear it: Wear layered pearl chains, mismatched pearls or natural shaped pearls.

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