Jewellery Trends Spring 2019

2019 is the year for colourful, bold statement jewellery and layering

“This season it’s all about piling up, it’s about layering, […] it’s all about colourful, bold, oversized statement jewellery,” says Sheikha Mariam Khalifa, founder of MKS jewellery. “Hoops are also back this season, bigger and bolder, along with the ear cuff.” A pair of hoop earrings is the one key piece this season. “They are a classic for women of all ages, they always look good and never go out of style,” Sheikha Mariam says.

Trending also is timeless, ethical jewellery

Mixed coloured gemstones are increasing popular, however diamonds will remain a girl’s best friend.

Tip: Gemstones are simply beautiful and there is a huge variety available. Look for natural stones, precious and semi-precious. When selecting a gemstone or jewellery, go for a good quality stone.

The need for ethically sourced gemstones is becoming more important. Diamonds grown in labs are sustainable and have minimal environmental impact compared to mined stones. There are also companies that ethically mine diamonds and other gemstones.

Rings and engagement rings

As for rings, particularly engagement rings, three-stone designs are increasingly popular versus the classic single-stone ring, a trend highlighted by the engagement ring Prince Harry designed for Meghan Markle. Yellow gold is officially on the rise, as well, with platinum and white gold settings, which have dominated in recent years, being used less.


One final piece of advice. Regardless of trends, the jewellery or gemstone for you is the one that you fall in love with, the one that speaks to your soul and feels right.

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