Keys for confidence to buying your jewellery

You like jewellery. But you don’t know what to buy, or if a piece is a worthwhile expense?

Treat buying jewellery like an investment and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

To make sure your purchase is a good investment for you, follow our tips:

💎 Avoid cheap jewellery chain stores. Often, workmanship is shoddy and parts are not of good quality. Sometimes their pieces are sourced from people working in very poor conditions.
💎 Instead buy from a smaller scale manufacturing jeweller with a good reputation or buy from independent designers you like (hopefully including Avant Jewellery)
💎 You'll also benefit from the feel-good factor by shopping from businesses that you can truly feel comfortable supporting and helping to flourish
💎 Don’t assume that the big names have the best jewellery or best quality
💎 Check pricing - Cheap means low quality, while the big-name jewellers build extra cost into their prices such as high-end rent and advertising
💎 Buy it if it feels right and you love it
💎 Lastly, buy with good intention – a gift, a long-term investment, buy something that has value

You might also want to know before buying what happens when you are not satisfied or a piece of jewellery gets damaged. A quality jeweller provides a warranty and will want to make sure you’re satisfied.

If you want to go more in-depth, following are questions you can ask when shopping for jewellery:

Are the gemstones ethically sourced, especially diamonds and other high value stones, which may come from war zones?

Does the jeweller design and make their own pieces? If not, where are they made and are working conditions safe and ethical?

Is the jeweller upfront about the type of materials used in their designs?

It is our view that there is so much jewellery around these days that is designed to look great, but isn’t really designed to make you look great. When we create a piece of jewellery it is with the purpose to complement its wearer.

Tips to buying good quality jewellery Avant Jewellery

We are passionate about our jewellery and about gem stones. Our point of difference is that we use carefully sourced, ethically mined natural gems, not laboratory grown and not treated. We use quality material. And at the same time we ensure our prices are affordable. With proper care, our pieces will last a lifetime of everyday wear and still look as great as the day you bought them. 

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It is a fact that a real person (that’d be me!) does a happy dance when people shop from our jewellery store. When you buy from an independent store like ours, you truly make a difference in real people’s lives. It helps us to continue to design and create unique products so you have more choices when shopping. You’re likely to find products which are more special, created with care, and you’ll get caring, personalised customer service too. Not only will the person you gift to love that you made the effort, but you’ll make the independent designers, creators, sellers very happy indeed.

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