Behind the jewellery

We are a small family business located in Melbourne, Australia. Alan is the jewellery designer who crafts our jewellery. He developed a love for gem stones many years ago. His passion lies in finding perfect gems and turning them into quality jewellery showcasing their natural beauty. The voice of Avant Jewellery is Alan’s partner in life, Ursel. A marketing professional with a diverse business background, and a love of jewellery, she is treading her own path combining work and a personal passion.

Alan’s interests have always been an unusual mix of the technical and the artistic. He was studying and fossicking for gems while still in primary school. While being more inclined towards languages, music and arts at school, he chose to study Engineering. Alan has written music and songs and played in bands since he was a teenager. At the same time, he spent time learning about carpentry, metal-work, electronics and computing. While working as an engineer, he found that understanding and helping people to grow and develop their potential came naturally.

In the creation of jewellery, these two disparate worlds come together in a combination of art, design and technical skills to create beautiful, balanced pieces that compliment your natural look and beauty.

With a twist on a Coco Chanel quote, we believe that "accessorise fashionably and they notice the jewellery, accessorise impeccably and they notice the woman". It is our view that there is so much jewellery around these days that is designed to look great, but isn’t really designed to make you look great. When we create a piece of jewellery it is with the purpose to complement its wearer.

Avant Jewellery accessorise fashion

We’ve set out to compete with companies trying to sell you jewellery made from plastic, glass and cheap metals at a price where we can offer you ethically mined, genuine, beautiful gems and quality metals that, with proper care, will last a lifetime of everyday wear and still look as great as the day you bought them. 

What we value

Creating elegant yet simple, quality jewellery at an affordable price so that women can complement their look with beautiful, natural gems. Every woman should be able to own elegant, long-lasting and beautiful jewellery using precious gems but at a realistic price.

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment

All Avant Jewellery net profits go to funding our chosen environmental projects. Why? After the 2019/2020 summer bushfires here in Australia, our 5-year-old was asking why there were such terrible fires. We explained that all the energy people were using was slowly heating the planet up and making more and bigger bushfires.  “What are you doing about it?”, he asked looking at us with questioning eyes.

More about Ursel

“I love quality jewellery and I love to wear unique pieces. My favourite gemstones are sapphire and aquamarine. Alan has bought me many beautiful pieces of jewellery and even created a number of unique pieces for me.”

More about Alan

“I love scouring for gemstones to use in jewellery. When I buy gems, I’m attracted to stones with unusual colouring. Many times they’ll bring up a feeling that I think the future owner will have (‘strength’, ‘fire’, ‘focus’) when they wear the gem.”

Oh, and we love cats!

Avant Jewellery quality gemstone jewellery