Giving Back

Protect the environment while you treat yourself when buying from Avant Jewellery.

At Avant Jewellery we want to give back. That’s why we donate all our net profits to charities which work to help and protect the environment here in Australia.

Being sustainable and protecting the environment is close to our heart. We are utilising our small business to actively protect Australia’s landscapes and unique animals. Our idea was to help you, our customer, easily do something for our environment.

Why? After the 2019/2020 summer bushfires here in Australia, our 5-year-old was asking why there were such terrible fires. We explained that all the energy people were using was slowly heating up the planet and making more and bigger bushfires. “What are you doing about it?”, he asked looking at us with questioning eyes.

The best part is, you don’t need to do anything! When you buy from us, we simply pass on the net profit (your buying price minus our cost) to our selected charities.

Join us today to be part of something amazing and rewarding. Shop Australian made jewellery: browse collections. Join our family today and sign up to our newsletter.

Get inspired, have a look at beautiful Australia that we want to preserve for our children and grandchildren: