About Our Jewellery

The gemstones we use

At Avant Jewellery, you have the choice of gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow. Our range of stones meet the key criteria for quality.

The gem stones we use are not heat treated, irradiated or chemically treated in any way unless stated, and in such cases this is because it is a worldwide standard practice. Avant Jewellery gems are ethically mined and sourced from around the world. We only use suitably durable gem stones to allow everyday wear for a lifetime. We recommend you care for and clean your jewellery so it will look the same as on the day you bought it for a long time.


At Avant Jewellery, we choose gems that are suitable for everyday wear. Scratch-resistance – known as hardness of the stone – guarantees that the gemstones won't get scratched by everyday microscopic particles in the air. While knocks, dropping and bumps can irreparably damage a gem, often the biggest enemy is common dirt and dust! Dirt and dust, particularly the tiny particles that float through the air, come into contact with your jewellery and settle on your jewellery. This can scratch your gem when it vibrates, which is what happens when you move around - if your gem isn't 'harder than dirt'. 

While we use gemstones that rank high on the 'toughness' scale, meaning they are resistant to knocks, we recommend your treat your jewellery with care to avoid knocks and shocks.

We source gems with high clarity and quality of cut. In technical terms, our gems are “eye clean” or better which means that you cannot see any inclusions with a naked eye.

The metal we use

Avant Jewellery white or yellow gold necklaces and earrings are made from 9 carat (ct) gold or better. Avant Jewellery silver necklaces are made from 925 Sterling Silver. This helps us to keep our jewellery as affordable as possible, in line with our mission. 

In Australia, 9 ct gold and 18 ct gold are standard gold alloys used in jewellery. 18 ct gold has a higher gold content than 9 ct gold, however it is less scratch resistant and also significantly more expensive due to the higher gold content.  It is uncommon in Australia to use pure gold (24 carat) in jewellery because it is very soft and therefore will scratch and change shape easily.

In some instances we will use higher carat gold for our pendant 'baskets' and earrings due to availability and we will maintain pricing at 9 ct level.

TIP: How to care for and clean your jewellery

Your Avant Jewellery pieces will look their best when cleaned regularly. We recommend using a jewellery cleaning cloth, available from your local jeweller. Protect your jewellery by placing it in its box whenever you're not wearing it. 

We highly recommend to have a full clean done every 12 months. See your local jeweller for a thorough jewellery clean. Different stones need to be cleaned using different methods to bring out their best and to protect them; your jeweller will know what to do for each of your pieces.

Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, and cosmetic products, as they may tarnish or damage the metal or gem.