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Avant Jewellery gold necklace ethical gems

We take pride in sourcing naturally mined gemstones which we set in your choice of gold or silver in our studio in Melbourne. Our gems are sizable, no tiny stones here! Our jewellery is handcrafted, not made in a factory. They’ll complement your look with the durability for everyday wear for business and pleasure. We do this at low cost to offer prices comparable to mass-produced jewellery. You can read about the materials we use and how to tell quality in jewellery.

We’re proud to offer something for everyone. Our pendants come in all colours of the rainbow. Our collections include entry-level silver necklaces as well as gold necklaces featuring finer and rarer gemstones.

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Are you wondering what piece of jewellery would suit you? We can help! Read our guide below or contact us if you have any questions.

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Selection Guide

We offer gold necklaces in two different lengths – 40cm and 45cm.

For women with petite or fine features or if you like to wear your pendants “collier-style” at the base of your neck, a 40cm chain is usually most suitable. For women with more voluptuous features or if you like to wear your pendants lower towards your cleavage, a 45cm chain is usually most suitable. As a reference, see our image below. Get in touch with us if you'd like assistance.

You have the options of gold and silver. Silver in jewellery is popular. While silver is less expensive than gold, gold is a harder material and much more resistant to tarnish, so requires far less cleaning and polishing. Do you know which metal suits you? Read our blog post for tips.

Our gems are selected specifically for their strength to be suitable for everyday-wear and, with proper care, the jewellery should last a lifetime. Read more here.